Portsmouth & Palestine - University Twin? “La tqool la lemghanni ghanni illa tayghanni la7aaloh". Let the singer sing, when ready

Middle East Coexistence House fosters Jewish-Muslim understanding | March 20, 2007

By Patricia Lamiell

 This is a brilliant story about a few people willing to put aside differences and try to find the bond between them.  Hard as it must have been, this is a success story that need to be replicated globally.

Middle East Coexistence House fosters Jewish-Muslim understanding

“Danielle Josephs, left, and Nadia Sheikh, live in the Middle East Coexistence House on the Douglass Campus, which opened this month. Josephs, a Douglass senior, envisioned the house and proposed the idea to Carmen Twillie Ambar, dean of Douglass College.”

passed on to me by http://www.41milestofreedom.wordpress.com

 reported in:


“Two years ago, Josephs approached Ambar with a proposal to create the Middle East Coexistence House. For Ambar, the timing was perfect. “Our living-learning communities synergistically link academic departments, centers and institutions, student and residence life, and the mission of the college to educate and offer special programs for women,” Ambar said. “So when Danielle Josephs came to me two years ago … it was easy for me to say yes.” 

Individually, the students are pursuing a wide range of academic studies, from political science to Middle Eastern studies to English literature. They gather in the residence hall lobby once a week for a class that covers the history, cultures, and current events in the Middle East. A conflict resolution class is taught by Miranda Vata, a doctoral candidate in global affairs at Rutgers-Newark of Albanian descent who lived through the civil war in the former Yugoslavia as a teenager”.

Leave you to read the rest yourself.


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