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Long Live Capitalism …..or….. The Good in Conservatives? | March 20, 2007

This really made me laugh, it has to be a brilliant story.

Somebody should write a book about it..

He even advertised himself but, oh dear! “with no interest”

Now that is just sooooooo sad!


Tory Escapes Jail For Pimping Woman

Tuesday March 20, 11:50 AM


“A Tory councillor who sold a woman with learning difficulties for sex has been given a 12-month suspended jail sentence. Alan Burkitt, of West Bromwich, in the West Midlands, advertised the woman on the internet to help pay his mortgage. More than 20 men paid for her services at his home while he sat in the room next door.

Prosecutor Stuart Clarkson told Wolverhampton Crown Court the woman had mild learning disabilities and an IQ of 52.

He said men paid her £50 for intercourse and over several months she earned around £1,300.

Burkitt, of Beaconview Road, claimed the woman, who cannot be named, consented to the work.

He also claimed he advertised himself on the same website, but did not attract much interest.

The 47-year-old represents Charlemont with Grove Vale ward for Sandwell Council.

He pleaded guilty to causing or inciting prostitution”


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