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Climate change fear ‘overplayed’ as reported in UK News. | March 17, 2007

The Press Association Saturday March 17, 03:38 PM

Climate change fear 'overplayed'
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Leading climate change experts have thrown their weight behind two scientists who hit out at the “Hollywoodisation” of global warming.Professors Paul Hardaker and Chris Collier, both Royal Meteorological Society figures, criticised fellow scientists they accuse of “overplaying” the message.

The pair spoke at a conference in Oxford entitled Making Sense of Weather and Climate and organised by Sense about Science, a scientific trust set up to help dispel the myths surrounding polemic issues such as climate change.

Prof Collier said while there is “no doubt” that climate change is happening and is to an extent man-made, it is not yet proven by isolated climatic events such as the Boscastle floods.

He said: “There is always a danger of crying wolf. We have to be careful as scientists that we present the facts and don’t exaggerate things because it can undermine credibility in the long term.”

Professor Hardaker warned against the “Hollywoodisation” of weather and climate seen in films such as the 2004 smash hit film The Day After Tomorrow, which depicts terrifying consequences after the melting of the Arctic ice shelf.

His comments have been backed by other leading figures in the debate.

Dr Peter Stott, manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Hadley Centre for Climate Change, said he believes scientists have to make it clear there is a long way to go until we know how bad climate change will be.

He said: “There is a lot more research to do to understand about exactly what effects its going to have on you and me in the future.”

Professor Tim Palmer, of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, called for better technology and computers to be developed to help climatologists to predict the future more precisely. He said: “There are still big scientific uncertainties such as how is the weather going to change with global warming.



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