Portsmouth & Palestine - University Twin? “La tqool la lemghanni ghanni illa tayghanni la7aaloh". Let the singer sing, when ready

either way we’re f*cked “Ya tukho, ya iksir moukho… “ | March 7, 2007

I guess the old sarcastic falahy saying holds true – Posted by nadeem in; 


Borrowed here without permission and with a huge apology!  I found it funny, hope you do too.


Humour plays an important part in people’s lives and it is amazing that people in the direst situations are able to find something to smile about.


I heard this tale while getting my haircut today: Young teenager in Borstal, who always went around smiling all the time, was asked; why are you always smiling? 

He replied, “It mess’s up the screws head and …….it takes less muscles to smile.”


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