Portsmouth & Palestine - University Twin? “La tqool la lemghanni ghanni illa tayghanni la7aaloh". Let the singer sing, when ready

We are not on our own. But they have encountered obstacles. | March 3, 2007

Read about Warwick Univesity


Copied here the first part of their document.

 Referenda Home

Birzeit University

To twin with the Student Council of Birzeit University in Palestine and to affiliate to Birzeit University’s “Right to Education” campaign.

Here is the result of the motion, as you can see this is old Nov 2006!


November 23, 2006

Boar Article Week 8 – Why The No Stance on Israel/Palestine Motion Sucks

Writing about web page http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/portal/referenda/motion/19/104/

“Here’s this weeks article. The syntax is poor, I was told at the last minute to change the article from a pro-twinning to an anti-no stance article, and didn’t have the time to do more than chop and change.

For those unfamiliar with what’s going on here….

1) Pro-Palestinian guys proposed a motion saying that we twin with Birzeit University students union, and affiliate with their right to education. The reasons for doing this are in the motion – and will be here when I post my original article (not this reordered version).

2) Some sabbs (AJ Brown and Katie Chevis) realised that this would pass pretty easily (particularly with the ‘Yes’ bias on referendum motions) and so proposed a counter motion, the No Stance motion. If this passes as well, then the two motions will destroy one another, and nothing will get done.

3) That means that to twin with Birzeit, the students must vote for the twinning motion, and against the No Stance motion. To adopt a No Stance position (which would stop any motions condemning Israel etc until changed at referenda) students have to vote against the twinning, and for No Stance. Any other combination, and neither happens.


If the No Stance motion that is up for the vote was simply about not taking sides in the Israel/Palestine debate then it might almost be worth considering. It is a wholly commendable wish on the part of those that have proposed it that we do not end up alienating people, that our establishment is seen as a safe and inclusive space which can facilitate open debate. The problem is that the No Stance motion goes way beyond the remit of simply keeping things politically neutral; its effect will be to deny our support to the students of Birzeit University in their fight for a right to education.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says that Israeli roadblocks, such as the roadblock that was near Birzeit University for over two years from April 2001 to December 2003, restrict “Palestinian access…to basic services such as health and education.” That roadblock has now gone, but “flying” checkpoints – one-day-only roadblocks that could turn up at any moment – are a remaining nuisance. It is not uncommon for Palestinians to be kept at roadblocks for hours whilst their papers are checked, rechecked, left lying around while the Israeli soldiers pop for lunch, and finally returned; it’s easy to see how this constitutes a physical barrier to education. The roadblocks also provide a mental barrier; trying to concentrate on work with the knowledge that your evening could be spent in detention, or with the knowledge that you or one of your friends could at any moment be arrested and held indefinitely, is not easy. Clearly, this is a situation which would be unacceptable anywhere in the world.”


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