Portsmouth & Palestine - University Twin? “La tqool la lemghanni ghanni illa tayghanni la7aaloh". Let the singer sing, when ready

On twinning with Palestine. Some info,links and extracts | February 24, 2007



People and Planet.



Scotsman Article

Check out this article in the Scotsman newspaper, written by P&Per Ruth Cameron, about P&P Edinburgh’s campaign to support
University in the
West Bank:
“Last November, at the Students’ Association AGM, policy was passed calling for a twinning arrangement between our institution and the
University of
Birzeit, in the
West Bank. The first Edinburgh delegation has just returned from
Palestine and I was one of those lucky enough to go.”

More Info

To find out more about this campaign at
University email:
righttoeducation@googlemail.com, for further information about
University and the campaign to support them visit
Birzeit University or Friends of Birzeit University. 



Twinning withHebron
UniversitySince the beginning of the Second Intifada, schools in theOccupied
Territories have been turned into military barracks, eight Palestinian universities have been shelled, shot at or invaded by Israeli forces, and the construction of the Wall has separated students from their schools and in some cases bulldozed right through educational institutions.
Friends of Palestine is now trying to set up a campaign to twin the Students’ Guild at the
University of
Exeter with the Students’ Union at
University. This is aimed at showing solidarity with students in
Palestine, and may also help in setting up friendship links between the institutions.

Lecturers reject call to boycott Israel


Extract fromBirmingham
University.  This is old, 2003, but the views are just as valid and crisp for today.

From: “Shereen Benjamin” s.benjamin@bham.ac.uk
Cc: “Alex”
phunkeemunkee@ntlworld.com, bustw-list@bham.ac.uk Dear Ali,

(penultimate para)

As a Jewish member of staff, I am very worried by recent developments in what I understand to be Guild policy, particularly in relation to Palestine/Israel and Zionism/anti/Zionism. The situation in Palestine/Israel is of the utmost gravity, and it urgently needs to be discussed by today’s generation of students. Meetings, whether they are convened by pro-Palestinian, pro-Zionist, anti-Zionist or just plain muddled groupings, are surely to be encouraged? After all, students are (I hope!) intelligent people, capable of engaging in the debates. Or does the Guild feel that the only political issues whose discussion it can support are inward-looking, parochial ones, limited to ‘student concerns’ within England? This indeed is to infantilise students, and, if successful, could only lead to a self-centred, politically apathetic generation leaving the University.

I confess that I am not familiar with the minutiae of Guild policy, and there may well be parts of the debate that I’ve missed. But I nonetheless remain very troubled by the content of your emails, and by the thinking that has led to them.

Best wishes


Some more


In a Brecht play on Galileo, there is an interesting scene where a disciple says: “Unhappy are the people who have no heroes,” to which Galileo responds: “Unhappy are the people who still have a need for heroes.” We are obviously still in need of heroes. I bow in respect for the Palestinian collective hero – the people themselves – for their steadfastness, their endurance, their capacity to absorb unimaginable pain and suffering. And I firmly believe that there is today a need to define or redefine heroism.


However, Oxford University Arab Society Social Secretary Abdel Razzaq Takriti believes Norris’ proposal is a mistake. He said, “The twinning of OUSU with Birzeit is on the basis of solidarity with students; it is irrelevant what political elements are currently represented on the student council. To ask Birzeit to condemn violence whilst universities in
Israel fail to speak up against their government’s apartheid is racist.


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